Food Packaging​

Newsprint Paper Sheets

ECOBUY newsprint paper is also called Butchers paper and is manufactured from VIRGIN top grade reels that are supplied by accepted systems like PEFC and FSC. It goes without saying that it is well sanitized, clean and absorbs moisture extremely well. We produce Newsprint Paper in various grades starting with the standard 42gsm to 55gsm
We have our standard cuts and at the same time we can cater for any custom cut sizes for your special requirements. Butchers paper can also be made available in rolls that can be utilized as table covers or backdrops.

Gloss Paper Sheets

Hygienic, clean and perfect for various uses especially where the quality of moisture resistance is paramount, like in seafood retail outlets, void fill-ups, injection molding and fish markets.
Coated on both sides with gloss finish. This particular paper also finds its use in the industrial sector as well. Ranging from sandwiches to those succulent steaks and food products in any form, gloss paper offers excellent packing features to ensure that they retain their freshness and are securely handled.

ECOBUY Greaseproof Paper Sheets

ECOBUY greaseproof paper is with high standards of matchless quality and great value for your money. Greaseproof paper is one part of a constantly increasing array of food products used in fast food centers, delis, bakeries and the like.
We develop our greaseproof paper from VIRGIN reels and is sanitized, clean and cost effective too, especially for packaging various food items like chips, hotdogs, hamburgers and various other take away fast foods.

Greaseproof Paper in Dispenser Box

Our standard cut greaseproof paper is available in three sizes namely full size, ½ cut and 1/3 cut
However we cut the greaseproof paper to whatever size the customer requires (1/6, 1/8 etc)

Lunch Wrap Paper

White Bleached Greaseproof Paper pre-cut sheets are used for lunch food wrap absorbing grease and oil.
Ideal for wrapping sandwiches, focaccias, wraps, kebabs, burgers and other takeaway foods.

CAXTON Premium Grade Greaseproof Paper

New range of premium quality greaseproof paper certified to use with food. You can use our Caxton premium greaseproof paper within the food industry or baking industry, it is perfect liner for food trays, wraps, baskets and many more uses. Use it as a solution to wrap around or as a liner beneath any heavily oil food product. Caxton premium greaseproof paper holds the grease in and doesn’t allow it to seep through.
Greaseproof paper is your choice for custom printed food paper products. We can supply it to you as bleached/white 35gsm and/or unbleached/brown 38gm.

Silicone Baking Paper Sheets

Silicone paper is baking paper or parchment paper coated on both sides with silicone. The high quality ECOBUY baking papers we stock are sold in reams as well as rolls. We are the major suppliers for most bake houses through our Australia wide distributors, not to mention restaurants and fast food units across the country irrespective of whether their orders are big or small. So count on us to supply you with the best baking paper!
We also manufacture some of the finest silicone coated paper for our esteemed clients. Silicone coated paper is of late the choice of most professional bakers because it can be used numerous times. Baking paper sheet sizes: in 400x600 mm, 405×710 mm, 460×710 mm and 460×760 mm, 580x870 mm, 790x990 mm in packs of 500 sheets.

Ecobake Baking Paper Rolls

Absolutely perfect for big or small restaurants and baking houses our top quality ECOBUY baking papers do away with the need for grease-proofing paper prior to baking, cooking or using in oven trays. Our baking paper is specially treated, and comprises of higher stability and resistance to heat when used for baking purposes in ovens; and being non-stick they are ideal for any kind of baking.
Our range of high quality Scandinavian baking paper is available in both 30cm as well as 40 cm width and in rolls of 120 meters length. Each carton will accommodate four rolls. They are reusable too, as we are aware that our customers value their time and their money. The baking paper we manufacture can be used in commercial kitchen, bistros and bakeries.

Plain Poly-Slap Sheets

Poly sheets are specially created to permit air circulation when food goods are wrapped, to maintain freshness and ensure that they reach the end users in the best condition. They are particularly used in cafeterias, delis, fast food centers, sandwich shops and by butchers and seafood sellers.
The regular size of our poly sheets created from PSH paper is available in: 400mm x 660mm, 220mm x 320mm, 160mm x 320mm, 110mm x 320mm. As mentioned, these are just the standard sizes, but we can cut the poly sheets to any size as per the requirements of our customers, irrespective of the size of the order placed.

Deli Wrap Paper

The trend in the high streets of Australia is towards delis and special foods and it seems to be filling in the void that’s otherwise ignored by the supermarkets.
Deli wraps are essentially two kinds of paper put together. They comprise of two kinds of paper; the poly sheet and wrapping paper and they are available in plain and printed varieties. There are different varieties of deli wrap papers like sandwich wrap paper as well.

Plain PE Coated Paper

Ideal for industrial applications, PE coated paper combines the traditional protective barrier of paper with the PE (polyethylene) or PP (Polypropylene) coating treatments.
The PE coated paper used in packaging machines in order to pack sugar, salt or black pepper stick packs or in shape of 4side seal sachet, it's widely used in restaurants, coffee shops hotels or even in houses, because of it's easy to use and relatively occupies a little space.

Meat Saver Paper

This peach paper is used to place between layers of fresh meat to retain the freshness of the meat surface and extend shelf life.

Legging Paper

Used for protection of exposed meat from contamination from hair and fleece Can be used in either the inverted or conventional systems
Supplier of Legging Paper Australia Wide