Poly Sheets

Slap Sheets offer an exceptional defense against moisture and grease, streamlining customer service by eliminating the necessity for plastic bags. With a poly-laminated coating and sturdy heavyweight paper, they provide the durability required to effortlessly wrap various deli meats and small goods. These sheets effectively separate and prevent food from adhering together, ensuring a seamless serving experience.



Size (mm)


Weight (kg)


220 x 320




220 x 160

10 000



110 x 320

10 000


Poly Sheet Roll

Poly sheets of high density are specially created to permit air circulation when food goods are wrapped so as to maintain their freshness and to ensure that they reach the end users in the best condition. They are particularly used in cafeterias, delis, fast food centers, sandwich shops and by butchers and seafood sellers. We create poly sheets of various sizes to cater to unique requirements of every customer.

The Australian climate can be hot and sultry and our poly sheets are just the thing that provides these businesses the right way out to ensure their food remains fresh no matter where it is being delivered, be it at display counters where extended shelf life is of utmost importance or to homes for consumption.

Today, poly sheets are fast becoming popular as they are produced from 20 to 25 micron polyurethane of extremely high density. Since our sheets assist air circulation in the packed food, the buildup of bacteria is greatly minimized. Further these poly sheets also offer excellent protection to food items when they are refrigerated.

Our ECOBUY poly sheets are accredited by HCCAP. Our clients also have the option of getting their poly sheets customized with their name and other details printed on them.

The regular size of our poly sheets created from PSH paper is available in:

  • 400mm x 660mm available in packs of 3,800 sheets / pack
  • 220mm x 320mm available in packs of 5,700 sheets /pack
  • 160mm x 320mm available in packs of 11,400 sheets /pack
  • 110mm x 320mm available in packs of 11,400 sheets /pack

As mentioned, these are just the standard sizes, but we can cut the poly sheets to any size as per the requirements of our customers, irrespective of the size of the order placed.