Industrial Packaging

Brown Kraft Counter Rolls

Brown Kraft paper is ideal for all occasions. It has a fresh and fun appearance particularly when a stamp of the delicatessen or restaurant, or even a simple twine from the bakers go with it. Brown Kraft paper can also look good on tabletops, as runners, place mats of even table covers. And guess what? They can even be printed and personalized for any event. In fact they are considered an all-purpose packaging paper.
We manufacture quite a variety of brown Kraft counter rolls used by our clients for many purposes. They are available in 60gsm and 80gsm in varying sizes. Our brown wrapping paper is created from extremely converted material and we ensure that our brown paper packaging rolls are manufactured in lengthy rolls that fit into the regular dispensers.

Newsprint Counter Rolls

Newsprint counter rolls are utilized for a variety of wrapping purposes. Our rolls range from 42 gsm to 55 gsm and can be availed of in a wide range of sizes. The ECOBUY newsprint paper roll manufactured by us is recycled like the brown Kraft paper.
The counter rolls produced by us are available in standard sizes of varying widths – 45cm, 60cm, 75cm, 81cm, 90cm, 120m and 150m all of which are in available in various lengths.

Plain Brown Kraft Sheets

A kraft-coloured wrap, our plain brown kraft sheets have slightly more body than our tissue paper range, making it perfect for a variety of uses within your eCommerce packing station. From gift wrapping to void filling and surface protection
Eco-friendly way to enhance your unboxing experience and can easily be reused, recycled, or composted after use

Tissue Paper Sheets

We manufacture 100 percent recycled pure white tissue paper. Typically the applications of tissue paper are for wrapping delicate ornaments or filigree, fragile glass items and jewellery; hygienic tissue paper is used as facial tissues, napkins and toilet tissues. Our tissues being extra soft are often used by green grocers to wrap fruits and by revivalists to pack fragile goods. 19gsm and absolutely acid free.
Our ECOBUY acid free tissue paper is also an excellent paper to wrap your wedding dresses for storing. As in the case of all our paper products we have a standard size of 40cm x 66 cm tissue paper in packs of 480 sheets each.

Tissue Paper Rolls

We also produce tissue paper wholesale rolls that have become a great hit with the chicken farming industry, one of the main reasons being they are far more reasonably priced.
Our ECOBUY tissue paper is 19gsm and absolutely acid free.